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Student Admission

Admission for Academic Year 2024 / 2025

We don't just give students the education and experience that prepares them for success. But we help them succeed in finding a field they love and dare to pursue it.

About Our Madrasas

We are one of the best and most popular madrasas in Probolinggo City with more than 1,000 students in the City, and many students won championships for madrasas.

MI Muhammadiyah was founded by the leadership of Muhammadiyah in 1993 for the public interest and is recognized globally. Throughout our great history, Muhammadiyah has offered access to a wide range of educational opportunities. As a leader in basic education, madrasas muhammadiyah 1 has pioneered change in this sector.


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Education Servicess

MIMSAPRO always tries to provide the best educational services to improve students' abilities.

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International Hubss

Student exchange programs abroad can give you an unforgettable, valuable experience.

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Guest Teachers

Probolinggo Tourism, the school brought "Native Speakers" directly in class learning.

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Madrasas Lifes

Students can take extracurricular and Olympics according to their interests, talents, and creativity.

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Video Tour MI Muhammadiyah 1

Take a tour in madrasas and you will find the best madrasas in the city of probolinggo. Videos will take you to every place in this madrasah.

Self Development

Why Choose MI Muhammadiyah 1?


The process of self-actualization is characterized by the existence of akhlaqul karimah, awareness, honesty, freedom, independence, and confidence in students. Through full attention to the needs and potential of students in the intellectual, emotional, physical, artistic, creative, and spiritual aspects. Holistic education students are able to interact with the surrounding environment. So that students can be themselves (learning to be). "When students become themselves, students will gain psychological freedom, make good decisions, learn according to themselves, acquire social skills, and can develop their character and emotions.

Self Development


MI Muhammadiyah 1 Probolinggo city is the first school to have a “Full day school” program since 2005 until now. The integrated curriculum used by MI Muhammadiyah 1 Probolinggo city combines the curriculum from the Education Office, Ministry of Religion and Muhammadiyah universities.

To produce the Qur'anic generation, MI Muhamamdiyah 1 Probolinggo City has an Alqur'an Education Park with the Qiro'ati method and the latest and most popular program, Tahfidzul Qur'an (Memorizing the Qur'an), students can participate in extracurricular and Olympics according to their interests, talents, and creativity.



The spiritual values and themes chosen each year are closely related to the teaching of worship. This is very effective in responding to the dryness of spiritual values, especially students, so students need to be raised their spiritual spirit through spiritual activities, starting from practice in accordance with Islamic recommendations.

The activity is camp plus, namely camping while carrying out Islamic law. In addition, education through spiritual camp activities is an effective and creative education by combining the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains and the madrasah will bring many speakers from outside who are considered capable in their respective fields.



MI Muhammadiyah 1 has graduated its students from year to year, which has been proven by quality graduates including many graduates who live successfully in the community because they are included in the category of people needed in society so that many graduates are trusted in the city of Probolinggo and even their country.

In connection with the many achievements and excellent programs, namely full day school (starting in the 2005/2006 school year), MI Muhammadiyah 1 has received attention and trust from the people of the city of Probolinggo so that many interested people send their sons / daughters to school. Starting from 2007.

Talent & Development

MI Muhammadiyah 1 have been giving students the opportunity to choose extras since 2005.

Students Exchange

A student exchange program abroad can provide you with an unforgettable, valuable experience.

Scholarships & Financial AID

Scholarship program award for Muhammadiyah branch leadership in Probolinggo city.

Donation helps us

Process of land acquisition by the madrasah with an area of 856 M², a mosque was built which will be used for spiritual activities which are very much needed in improving the quality of worship.

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